Fellas , I'm new around here but familiar in many other places. My boy RX has been legit from day one. I've used this guy at least 50-100 times. Never an issue. Don't look at me as a troll and check around if you want to see my name but I can say that these guys are too notch. RX isn't huge on posting and trying to beg ppl to use his products, he just offers them up and lets them speak for themselves and I know there a group of is on another popular board who have been consistently using him for over a year , maybe closer to two.

RX is a good dude and has went out of his way for me. You won't be disappointed. If you don't get an email response, during the week, within 24 hours then try again or try another email because there are some comparability issues but this guy has very professional stuff, real Gh, all of his pharm product are real pharma products and he's a great guy to work with.

Thanks RX you have always done right by me, I have no hesitation, and I'm glad to see you here brotha.